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Entry #7


2016-08-31 20:58:38 by ChronicBurnR

Hey guys, ChronicBurnR here. 


I just wanted to say that I'm still remaining active strong as ever here on Newgrounds, even though however i had to take some time off to move into college and stuff. Im moved in now, and I will still be doing my best to upload some things on here, along with some updated stuff as well. 


I participated in the Newgrounds Underdog composition audio thingamajig, and I wanted to give my appreciation to TaintedLogic for helping me discover a really huge key into fixing my drums. My main goal with my compositions if to try to equalize things masterfully, which I am actually taking classes to do so. I also ended up getting the key to FLStudio12 for ALL THE PLUGINS. Yes. ALL the plugins. Expect some really great pieces from me.


A small spoiler though to look forward to is that I'm on the final steps to getting Bass Breaker 2.0 completed. 


Keep being awesome!



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